People often ask how I make my fudges taste so good!

Well, I source all my milk and cream from the Classic Herd Dairy at St Peter, here in Jersey.

Jersey cows give wonderful rich milk, with much more butterfat, protein, sugars, vitamins and minerals per litre than any other breed.

"The Jersey cow converts the beta carotene from the rich Jersey grass into her milk which gives it the lovely golden colour (our butter is much more yellow in the summer)., say Classic Herd farmers, we know exactly what food our cows are fed and that they are healthy. They are fed on grass and dairy nuts. The dairy nuts are a combination of cereals, vitamins and minerals - GM free and soya free. We do not use herbicides or pesticides on our land, and only use antibiotics where the welfare of the animal requires them."

The farmers continue "Our milk is not homogenised. Homogenisation as a process that emulsifies the milk so that the cream does not separate. It was not introduced for the benefit of the consumer, but to extend the shelf life of the milk. It is an unnatural process and it is thought it makes the butterfat more easily absorbed into the bloodstream and could be a cause of cardiovascular disease."

Countless people over the years have commented on the rich butteriness of my fudges and it has been this quality that has helped me earn so many awards from the Guild of Fine Foods over the years.

So, it's a big thank you to our Jersey cows and to the caring farmers who want only the best for their heard and for their consumers!!

Classic Herd Jersey milk